What is the Next Generation of New Energy Electric Ships?

Ships are highly customized products, but often the iteration of ship models can be one of the most challenging things of this century. This is why you still see the same scene on the Huangpu River at the Bund, where inland bulk cargo ships continue to sail as they did thirty years ago, emitting black smoke. Loaded inland cargo ships resemble semi-submersible ships, while empty ships float high on the water surface, with their waterlines significantly above the river level, constantly discharging bilge water from within the hull. Many cargo ship owners are husband-and-wife teams, and the ship is their family’s livelihood and hope. Many loaded inland bulk cargo ships simply cover their cargo with tarpaulins, which may conceal river sand, mineral ore, gravel, and so on…

Inland open cargo ship

With the country’s dual carbon strategy, various inland and coastal vessels need to adopt new energy sources. Electrification (e-mobilization) and using LNG as a power source are currently the two most reliable technical approaches. 

Only by adopting completely new ship designs to match various pure electric or hybrid power systems can we truly bring the technology of our inland and coastal vessels onto the nation’s leading track.

General Energies Electric Ship Technology's next-generation electric bulk carrier, with aluminum alloy manually sliding hatch covers

Shanghai has introduced a five-year policy that provides a 30% subsidy for the power systems and batteries of new energy ships. In principle, all newly constructed public service vessels, ferries, tourist boats, and garbage collection vessels will adopt electric propulsion and LNG-powered ships.

Quiet yacht, no engine noise

We will gradually see various futuristic electric ships appearing before us. These vessels, with no vibrations, no noise, and energy-saving and emission-reducing features, will bring us a wonderful life experience. In addition to exporting electric vehicles globally, exporting various types of electric ships could also be our future.