Full electric, Serial or Parallel hybrid Propulsion

We provide next generation of full electric, serial or parallel hybrid propulsion e-ships for inland, costal and green harbour...

We provide below 5 types of E-Ships
Whatever Full Electric or Hybrid systems


EEL series


Cyber series


PowerMaster series


WindGuard series


ECO series

3 Types Propulsion Systems

Full Electric
Serial Hybrid
Parallel Hybrid
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Our Integrated Control System (ICS) for E-Ship

We offer an Integrated Control System (ICS) for the E-Ship, which is made up of multiple subsystems


The onboard Energy Management System (EMS) is an integrated system used to monitor, manage, and optimize the energy usage of the vessel.


Onboard PCS is a comprehensive system used for controlling and managing ship propulsion systems.


Onboard PMS is a comprehensive system specifically designed for managing and optimizing ship electrical systems.


Onboard SCS is a system used to control the operation of ship steering gears.

More Technologies

E-Propulsion Platform

The Azimuth Contra-Rotating propellers with top-mounted permanent magnet motors are suitable for inland ships to navigate in shallow waters, while the Azimution Duct Propeller will help E-Tugs increase their pulling force. Meanwhile, the Azimuth thrusters has flexible maneuverability.

DC-Link Networking

Depend on different type of E-Ships, we choose DC750V or DC1000V as the standard voltage as our standard DC-Link networking, with single-segment or double-segment DC bus section operation, connected to the Battery Energy Storage System(BESS) or the V.S Genset.


SmartNavi is a highly autonomous, integrated remotely controlled naval system. It is single IP based Communication Infrastructure, with Autonomous, Mission Planning, Versatile Communication, Control Modes, Situational Awareness, Obstacle Avoidance and Fleet Management.

E-Ship Design Service

We provide the design of new type E-Ships and system integration for our customers

MSS + GEES Shanghai Joint Design

Italy MSS studio, with over 30 years of over 150 newp types boat design. GEES Shanghai provides propulsion and electrical system design to joint design a E-Ship.

Rhino Ceros 3D Modeling

By help of Rhino Ceros 3D modeling can speed up the E-Ship design process and verify if all main equipment confliction.

Reduce costs through optimize designs

Our new E-Ship and propulsion systems are perfect integrated and optimized to reduce the E-Ship new building cost.

Prototype E-Ship

We help owners build prototype, and provide proptype insurance, the success of prototype will help owner to open the market.

CCS Certification of Quality Management System

ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 14001: 2015
ISO 45001: 2018

Applying AIP Certificate

By applying for the AIP certificate from the China Classification Society, it will help owners make final desition and reduce the investment rish.

About Us

GEES is a pioneering provider of innovative and sustaiable energy ship solutions for inland and offshore marine businesses worldwide, based in Shanghai of China, with ove 30 years of experience of the founder Kevin Feng, GEES is workign with Italy MSS stuidio to develop all kinds of elegant new energy ship with reliable and cost-effective energy solutions tailored to out clients unique needs, including E-Barge, E-Ferry, E-CTV, E-Tug and E-Pilot.

The team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses reduce their carbon dioxide footprint and energy costs through the implementation of cutting-edge marine technologies and best practices.

GEES is cross branding with Vulkan Hybrid and focus on the long-term, next generation hybrid ship new building and refitting, which are friendly to the earth environment.

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