Range-Extended Hybrid System

Serial Hybrid System

Series hybrid system need the variable-speed genset and battery energy storage system work in series or separately, also known as the "range-extended system"

Serial Hybrid propulsion system

Serial hybrid system could ensure zero-emission sailing within a certain range, while also increasing sailing range through diesel-electric propulsion mode. Additionally, when the generator set is running, the batteries can be charged or discharged according to the load requirements.

The system diagram on the left showcases two container power batteries as the primary power source, charged by two sets of diesel generator sets, forming a range-extender configuration. The entire ship operates on a DC 750V high-voltage direct current system. Through DC-DC converters, the voltage of the container power batteries is stabilized to the rated voltage. A fully-reversible thruster with a top-mounted permanent magnet motor is powered by nearby DC-AC inverters, controlling speed and direction of rotation. Simultaneously, the ship's daily load is powered by a daily transformer, with a DC-AC inverter installed at the front end, which can also be powered by the alternating current generated by the generator sets. The ship's DC 24V system can be charged and discharged via traditional AC charging and discharging boards, converting AC to DC, and using lead-acid batteries as backup power. All DC-DC converters and DC-AC inverters can communicate with each other, interconnected to the ship's core IVCS controller.