Hybrid Tug

The PM3660HY is an escort-type hybrid tugboat with a series hybrid propulsion system. It is powered by three 1400 kW/690 V variable generators, two 1860 kW full-rotation ducted propellers, and features a permanent magnet motor on top. The tugboat has a maximum bollard pull of 63 tons and can reach a top speed of 13 knots.

Classic Design

Hybrid Propulsion

Rapid Response

Reducing Emission

A hybrid propulsion escort tugboat is a type of tugboat that utilizes a combination of batteries and auxiliary variable-speed generator sets as electric motors to provide propulsion.

The electric motors are powered by batteries, which are charged using the tugboat's variable generators and/or shore power. This hybrid propulsion system offers several advantages, including emissions reduction, improved fuel efficiency, increased bollard pull, and maneuverability. Operating in pure electric mode, the tugboat emits zero emissions, which is crucial for achieving the goal of creating green ports.

With both hybrid fuel and battery power, the cruising range can reach up to 1000 nautical miles. The ship's entire DC network, based on DC-Link, operates at a voltage of DC1000V, with a battery capacity of 1935 kWh@ESS. Charging via shore power takes just 1 hour, with a reduction in carbon/nitrogen oxides/sulfur emissions by 23%.

Moreover, the electric motors provide instant torque, enabling the tugboat to respond quickly in emergencies and provide better maneuverability during escort missions. The hybrid propulsion system also allows the tugboat to operate at lower speeds, reducing engine fuel consumption, wear, and noise.


   36 m

   B max 

   13.6 m


   4.9 m

   Fix Point BP

   63 t


   1450 t


    8 persons

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B max






13.6 m


4.9 m

1450 Tons


Fix Point BP

Cruising speed

Cruise Range



Battery Charge

63t (Pushing) 56t (Pulling)

13 knots

1000 Nm

8 persons

1935 kWh@ ESS

1h@690VAC charger

Serial Hybrid Propulsion

Variable-speed Diesel Generator Sets

Rotary Screw Propeller + Propulsion Motor

DC and AC Distribution Panel

2 x 1400kW/690V @1800RPM

2 x 1860kW

DC1000V & AC400V


Full Package

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