Parallel Hybrid Barge

PM120HY-P, a parallel hybrid type, belongs to the Yangtze River and Sea Hybrid Container Ship category. This open-deck vessel is suitable for coastal and inland waterways, including third-level waterways such as the Yangtze River, Taihu Lake, and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. It can navigate from Yangshan Port to Wai Gao Qiao Terminal, as well as river channels and locks. Its main dimensions conform to the standards set by the Ministry of Transport for inland waterway vessels.

Parallel Hybrid

Burst Mode

Flexible Operation

56% Emission Reduction

The PM120HY-P is only 80 meters in length and is powered by two containerized power battery packs (1580 kWh each), allowing it to carry 120 containers.

Due to its parallel hybrid power system, the PM120HY-P utilizes a "Boost Mode" when navigating against the current in the upstream of the Yangtze River mouth to enter the Wai Gao Qiao Terminal or during sea voyages. While at the Yangshan Port, it charges the two container power battery packs via shore power, coordinated by a Battery Management System (BMS) and accessible through 4G communication. The container power batteries charge simultaneously through the shore's fast DC charging piles, with a charging time of 4.5 hours.

During navigation in the Huangpu River within Shanghai's urban area, the PM120HY-P operates in "E-Motor Mode" throughout the journey, emitting no carbon or nitrogen oxide emissions. Upon leaving the Huangpu River and entering the Suzhou-Shanghai Port Line, it switches to "Engine Mode," where the ship is propelled by diesel engines. Upon reaching the Suzhou-Shanghai Port, the ship swaps the two container power batteries. As the diesel engine drives the motor for battery charging, the container power batteries can be fully discharged. Additionally, the diesel engine can power the onboard fire pump through PTO. The PM120HY-P can also choose to charge the container batteries using the "Generator Mode" while on the river.

Compared to a 120-container fuel-powered container ship, the PM120HY-P reduces carbon emissions by 140 tons per year, achieving a 56% reduction rate for both nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions.


   80 m

   B max 

   12.6 m


   3.0 m


   2608 t

  Bridge Deck Clearance

    6.7 m

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Bridge H





80 m

6.7 m

12.6 m

4.7 m

3.0 m

2608 Tons


Cruising Range

Cruising Speed

Maxium Speed



PTI/PTO motor


7 knots

10 knots

8 persons

2 ×1548kWh


Parallel Hybrid Electric Propulsion System:

Standard Version

Diesel main engine + PTI/PTO Motor

Performance Version

2 x 160kW + 2 x 160kW


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