Parallel Hybrid System

Parallel hybrid systems are good for various speed requirements, multiple working profiles, inland river againest waterflow/downstream navigation requirements complex condition.

Parallel Hybrid propulsion system

Parallel hybrid propulsion system means the propellers could be direct driving force simultaneously by both an eMotor and an Engine.
Which modes ensure difference pushing force of the E-Ship.

The left diagram shows two standard 20' containerized E-Powerbox to be main power supply,the battery outgoing DC voltage will be stabilized by DC-DC converter which installed inside DC Link Panel to DC750V, control the AC500V propulsion motor by side of DC-AC converters, the motor's rotation speed and direction are both controlled and the motor could be propulsion function or geneator to charge battery system.

Parallel Hybrid system include: Beltdrive, Geardrive, Inline system and Dual Power Input Azimuth Thrusters.

Parallel Hybrid Propulsion system

The parallel hybrid powertrain pairs a diesel engine with an electric motor, requiring a transmission line with dual power inputs and a controller. This system can be driven by the diesel engine, the electric motor, or both, providing advantages such as peak shaving, power boost, and fuel savings by reducing the engine size. The power for the electric motor can come from an onboard energy storage system, onboard generator sets, or both.

General energies and VULKAN bring you a new generation parallel hybrid power system.

Parallel Hybrid Gear Transmission

The main engine power ranges from 200 horsepower (HP) to 2000 horsepower (HP).

Parallel Hybrid Belt Drive Transmission

The motor power ranges from 0 to 100 horsepower (HP).

Parallel Hybrid Inline System

Adding a sleeve shaft motor at the output end of the main engine facilitates easy modification and installation.

VULKAN - Hybrid System Architect

VULKAN provides various parallel hybrid systems for different hybrid vessels.

GEES - Electrical Systems Architect

GEES provides electrical system architecture and Energy Management Systems (EMS) for hybrid vessels.

Applications For Parallel Hybrid Vessels

The hybrid power solution has saved a significant amount of fuel for this PM120HY/P river-sea intermodal vessel.