Our Vision

To provide the next generation of electric vessels to the world

Achieving the goal of reducing emissions.

Industry Outlook

With the arrival of the dual carbon era, the power systems and ecological logic of the maritime industry are undergoing structural changes. According to data from the State Grid, by 2050, the proportion of electricity consumption at terminal energy points will reach 79%-92%. By then, the power systems of ships will also undergo electrification. It is estimated that by 2050, at least 100,000 medium and large-sized ships and 4.1 million small inland ships globally will require electrification upgrades. Although the electric ship industry is still in its infancy globally, with electrification penetration in China's inland shipping industry below 1%, the significant progress in the global, especially Chinese, electric vehicle and energy storage industries has laid a solid foundation for the electrification and intelligence of ship power systems. The electrification upgrade of electric ships and existing vessels represents a trillion-dollar blue ocean market with high certainty.

Our Goal

We provide pure electric and hybrid electric vessels for the global new energy ship market, suitable for inland shipping, port operations, and river-sea intermodal transportation. Through our five electric ship models, we offer shipowners versatile electric vessel types and systems, contributing to the construction of green ports.

Future Outlook

The river transport ships navigating through the Huangpu River in front of the Bund in Shanghai haven't changed much from thirty years ago. They still emit black smoke into the atmosphere, continuously releasing nitrogen oxides. Similarly, the container trucks crowding the highways along the river to the outskirts of Shanghai contribute to the pollution. It's time for a change. We will provide brand-new new energy electric ships that are green, efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and intelligent.