zero emission system

Full Eletric System

The four sets of containerized power batteries provide power for the electric ship, eliminating the need to install diesel generator sets. However, a small backup diesel generator set can be added.

Full Electric Propulsion System

The full electric propulsion system refers to an electric ship where batteries serve as the main power source, supplying electricity to the propulsion system. The main power source includes at least two sets of independent batteries, with each set having enough capacity to ensure the ship's endurance throughout the entire voyage.

The system diagram on the left shows four standard 20-foot container power batteries (E-Powerbox) serving as the main power source. These batteries stabilize the voltage to DC 750V through DC-DC converters in the DC-Link DC networking cabinet. Then, DC-AC inverters installed near the thrusters provide AC power (AC 500V) to the permanent magnet motors mounted on the thrusters. These inverters also control the motors' start/stop functions, speed, and direction (forward and reverse). Meanwhile, the ship's daily electrical loads are powered via a daily transformer, with a DC-AC inverter installed at the front end of the transformer. All DC-DC converters and DC-AC inverters on the ship can communicate and are integrated into the ship's ICS (Integrated Control System) core controller for overall control.

the photo on the right shows a liquid-cooled motor controlled by a liquid-cooled frequency converter. This motor is connected to the shaft system and propeller through thrust bearings and couplings. This configuration represents a very streamlined propulsion system, significantly more compact than the traditional engine with a gearbox propulsion system.

The motor's starting torque is much greater than that of a main engine of the same power. Additionally, the motor can be easily adjusted for speed and can rotate in both directions, unlike the main engine, which consumes a significant amount of fuel when idling.

The full electric propulsion system does not require a lubrication oil system.