Powermaster series E-Barge

Why choose our E-Barge

We provide 120TEU inland and costal feeder container barge, whatever full electric or hybrid system, front bridge and capable to penetrate under 7 meter bridge, we have series of E-Barge, from 36TEU, 54TEU, 64TEU to 120TEU, depend on the draft and bridge height of the inland river.

We also could offer after bridge option of 120TEU E-Barge, even could carry 3 cars at the stern.

Our E-Barge will be powered by swappable containerized E-Powerbox, four(4) E-Powerbox for full electric 120TEU E-Barge and two(2) E-Powerbox for hybrid 120TEU E-Barge.

We offer


Full eletric barge


Serial hybrid barge


Parallel hybrid barge


Bulk carriers

One exterior design, 3 E-Propulsion system to be selected!

We will provide you with more full electric and hybrid propulsion system E-ship designs!

By providing cutting-edge and optimal technical solutions, the company's expert team is dedicated to helping shipowners reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs.