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AzurE Electric Ship Simulation Analysis

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For different types of electric ships, we will accurately simulate and calculate the energy consumption based on speed and propulsion power curves, considering specific application scenarios. We provide shipowners with reliable carbon emission and nitrogen oxide reduction rates. Additionally, we calculate the return on investment based on the capacities of different batteries.

Series Hybrid Ship Simulation Analysis

For series hybrid electric ships, we will also perform precise calculations to increase range by determining the operating time of the onboard backup diesel generator set. All fuel consumption of the generator set will be analyzed together with the electricity costs.

Full Electric Ship Simulation Analysis

For full electric ships, we will accurately calculate the range of full battery propulsion based on the ship type and route, as well as determine the power consumption. Additionally, we will accurately estimate the electricity costs based on the shipowner's chosen charging or battery-swapping method.

Parallel Hybrid Ship Simulation Analysis

For parallel hybrid ships, we will determine the most suitable operating mode under different conditions based on the ship type, route, and speed requirements. This includes electric motor mode, diesel engine mode, boost mode, and generator mode.