E-Propulsion system

The E-Propulsion system mainly consists of various azimuth thrusters and permanent magnet motors.

Permanent magnet motor direct drive azimuth thruster by L / T / Z drive, the reduction gear is built inside the Azimuth Thruster.

Top-mounted permanent magnet motor azimuth contra-rotating propeller

E-Propulsion system is very suitable for shipyard installation and maintenance.

For inland transport ships, full electric ships, or serial/parallel hybrid ships, due to the use of azimuth contra-rotating propellers, the maximum diameter of the dual propellers is smaller than the diameter of a single propeller, making the turning radius smaller. Therefore, azimuth contra-rotating propellers are very suitable for shallow waters, with a small turning radius, short braking distance, and eliminating the need for bow thrusters, gearboxes, and rudder blades.

If the ship width is greater than 15 meters, three azimuth contra-rotating propellers can be installed, with the middle propeller not needing azimuth capability.

hull+Azimuth CRP

Top-mounted permanent magnet motor azimuth ducted propeller

As the best choice for full electric tugboats and series hybrid tugboats.
The Azimuth Ducted Propeller has high towing power, a small turning radius, and a short braking distance; it can also fully utilize the high starting torque of the motor to greatly increase towing power.


Lower vibration and lower noise levels enhances the ship’s comfortability

Parallel Hybrid system by dual power input Azimuth Thruster

Propulsion Control System (PCS)